Sustainability Statement

Carley Coaching Limited is a microbusiness with a small carbon footprint and a sincere commitment to having a positive impact on society and the environment.

As we learn more about sustainability, we realise that we can do more to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our positive impact through our approach to environmental, social and governance matters. We’re a certified B Corporation™, part of a global movement of businesses striving for business to be a force for good, so we design and deliver our services with this in mind. It is our hope to inspire other businesses to have a more positive impact and to support them to bring about systemic change that meets the challenges of the climate crisis and societal inequality.

To learn more about our Impact, visit our Impact Reports.

What We've done

Mission and Vision

We’re clear about our business Mission and our Vision for the future.

We know that we want to support purpose-led individuals and organisations who are ambitious about contributing to progress in the achievement of one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We’d love our world to be a place where all people, businesses and organisations contribute to the creation of a fair, equal, and thriving society that cares for and protects the planet and all life.

B-Corp™ Certified

In October 2023, after almost two years as a B Corp Pending company, we were proud to achieve B Corp™ certification. Being a B Corp demonstrates our commitment to meeting high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.


We know that where we keep and invest our money makes a difference, which is why we bank with an ethical, independent bank – Starling.

Contribution and Volunteering

Each year, we spend at least 10% of our time delivering low cost and pro bono services to charities, organisations, groups, and individuals who would otherwise struggle to access our services. This helps us to fulfil our desire to contribute to the causes we care about – the welfare of animals, conservation of the natural environment, education, the relief of poverty and suffering, and the development of sustainable, regenerative, ethical, and innovative technologies.

United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals

Whilst we understand the interconnectedness of the SDGs, we’ve identified that the core focus of our business is contributing to the following sustainable development goals:

  • 3 Good Health and Wellbeing
  • 5 Gender Equality
  • 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 13 Climate Action
  • 17 Partnerships for the Goals


In 2022 we measured the carbon footprint of our business and offset our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.

In 2023 we developed an Environmental Management Policy, Advice for a Sustainable Office and a Sustainability Roadmap for our business.

What We’re Doing

SME Climate Hub

In January 2022, we signed up to the SME Climate Hub and pledged to cut our carbon emissions by half by 2030 and to be Carbon Zero by 2050. We’re working hard to achieve these targets well ahead of these dates and in 2022 we developed a sustainability roadmap for our business to reach net zero emissions by 2030.

NetZero Networking

We’re running free, business networking events that help connect people to themselves, each other, and the planet, through active outdoor activities such as walking and cycling. We offset the CO2 emissions of participant travel through verified carbon offsetting initiatives and plant a tree for each new Netzero Networking participant.


We’re improving the way we calculate our homeworking carbon footprint and measuring our waste and water use from December 2023.


Our business purchases are minimal. We are source ethical goods where available and are implementing more sustainable practices such as reducing, reusing and recycling when possible.

We aim for our major purchases and regular spending to be from companies owned by women or underserved populations, local independent suppliers, or ethical brands. We’ve set targets to improve the percentage of purchases from independently-owned local businesses and women-owned suppliers, and are working with our stakeholders to make our events more sustainable.

We remain curious and open to finding more ways to reduce the negative impacts we have.

Education & Training

We’re learning more about sustainability so we can improve our services and help others do the same. Rachael has attended a range of training in sustainability including Sustainable Development Goals for Business, The Circular Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is Carbon Literacy trained and has completed a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Business.

We’re embedding awareness of sustainability issues in our coaching and outdoor services to encourage our clients to reflect on their social and environmental impact and implement changes that help improve their performance in this area. 

We sometimes share resources and information about sustainable practices with our network.


We consider the carbon footprint of every journey. We walk, cycle, lift share or use public transport when practicable and ask our clients to do the same.


We’re working with a range of local, national, and international partners to advance sustainability issues and to deliver our services. From businesses, councils, charities, individuals, and collectives – we know that together we can achieve more.

What we can't do or haven't done yet!

Vehicles and Transportation

We don’t have company vehicles, but we do use our personal cars to travel to meetings and events as it’s often the most convenient way to get around our semi-rural County. We’ll be going electric as soon as practicable, and we expect this to be by 2027.

In the meantime, we aim to hold most of our meetings and coaching online and most of our in-person events are held in locations where there are good public transport links.

Staff and Workers

Carley Coaching doesn’t employ anyone at the moment. However, when the time comes, we are committed to being a National Living Wage Employer.

Our current contractors and freelance staff are paid professional rates for their work.

A full Impact Report for the period December 2021 – November 2022 can be found here.