Impact Projects

We love to contribute!

Our impact projects aim to create better outcomes for people and planet. We are focused on these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • gender equality,
  • equality for underrepresented populations,
  • the development of sustainable communities,
  • the preservation of biodiversity, and
    action that combats climate change.

We’re working in partnership with local business, councils, and charities to deliver free and low-cost workshops and courses that help people to develop skills and confidence, improve their quality of life, and benefit their communities and the environment.

If you’d like to explore working with us to deliver an impact project for you or your clients, contact us and we’ll do what we can to make it happen.

"BICI" & community cycling projects

Since 2022, we’ve been delivering cycling skills training, social cycle rides, bikes and cycling essentials to communities across Kent in partnership with Faversham-based business – Macknade, domestic abuse charity – New Leaf Support, Kent County Council, Thanet District Council, Faversham Town Council, Swale Borough Council, British Cycling, and Cycling UK through their Big Bike Revival initiative.

Our sessions are designed to promote health and wellbeing and to provide people with the confidence, skills and equipment to benefit from the fun, freedom, and economic, social and environmental benefits of cycling.

If you’re interested in participating in one of our events, contact us and ask to join our mailing list to be kept informed of upcoming cycling opportunities.

hands patting down earn around a single green shoot with a few leaves

Treeserve 365

Our 365 tree-planting challenge, launched at Earth Hour – 25th March 2023, and delivered in partnership with Amel Sedaoui is designed to help people who are interested in moving from conversation to action on conservation to:

  • Plant as many trees as possible in 365 days
  • Plant responsibly
  • Become educated about trees, reforestation, biodiversity
  • Take action on the climate crisis
  • Inspire and educate others
  • Connect with nature, self, and others

We host monthly meetings with guest experts and share our learning through a newsletter and social media channels.

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