Carley Coaching Limited is a micro business with a small carbon footprint.

However, as I learn more about sustainability, I realise that I can make improvements personally and through my business. It’s important to me that I positively impact society and the environment and continue to improve my sustainability credentials.

Sustainability – What I’ve done


B-Corp™ Certified

In October 2023, I was proud to achieve B Corp™ certification.


I have a business bank account with Starling Bank – an ethical, independent bank.

Charitable Giving

During 2022, I delivered a pro-bono cycling skills course to women supported by New Leaf Support – a charity for people experiencing domestic abuse in Swale, Kent. Kent County Council provided bikes and cycling accessories for five women through their capability fund. Keeping the bikes will enable the group to continue to enjoy the benefits of cycling for health, active travel, leisure and independence. 

In 2023, together with Amel Sedaoui, I launched TREESERVE 365 – a tree-planting initiative aiming to empower individuals to plant trees as many trees as we can in 365 days whilst mirroring efforts in the southern hemisphere.

Coaching and NLP sessions

I offer a limited number of pro-bono or low-cost coaching/NLP sessions to activists and influencers working for social equality each year.

Business social and environmental responsibility

Between January and July 2022, I developed and delivered a coaching programme that helped small business owners think about their business’s social and environmental impact and implement changes to help improve their performance in this area. 

What I’m Doing

SME Climate Hub

In January 2022, I signed up to the SME Climate Hub – pledging to cut my carbon emissions by half by 2030 and to be Carbon Zero by 2050. I intend to achieve these targets well ahead of the suggested dates.

NetZero Networking

I deliver free, business networking events that help connect people to people and the planet through active outdoor activities such as walking and cycling and offset the CO2 emissions of participant travel through verified carbon offsetting initiatives. I also plant a tree for each new Netzero Networking participant.

Carbon Neutral

In 2022, I measured the carbon footprint of my business. I didn’t have any company’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions. However, I offset my Scope 3 emissions and offset these. I’ll be looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint in the months and years ahead.


My business purchases are minimal, with stationery being my main consumable. I buy recycled or FSC-certified paper and use refillable ink pens, and I’m implementing more sustainable practices all the time. I research major purchases and shop for ethical brands and organic and local food, and I am reducing, reusing and recycling wherever I notice the opportunity. I am staying curious and open to finding more ways to reduce my impact.

Education & Training

I’ve attended training in sustainability practices both as a consumer and a business owner. Courses include the Couch to Carbon Zero Sprint, Small Business Britain’s Sustainability Basics, and CPD-certified training in Corporate Social Responsibility. I also completed training in the Sustainable Development Goals, the Circular Economy, Carbon Literacy, and I’m currently completing a Professional Certificate in Sustainable Business.


I consider my carbon footprint for every journey. I ride my bike or use public transport to attend meetings instead of using my car when practicable.
As part of my Carbon Literacy pledge to reduce my carbon footprint I’ve committed to reduce my business car mileage by 50% during 2023.

United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals

I seek to work with individuals and organisations that are ambitious about achieving progress in one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As my business becomes more profitable, I will donate a percentage of my profits to the causes that I care about.


I’m working in partnership with other sustainability professionals through Sustainable Pathways. In February 2023, I co-founded a sustainability training, consultancy and coaching services business – Lead Inspire. 

What I can’t do or Haven’t done yet!

Vehicles and Transportation

I would love to switch to an electric vehicle or have no car. However, it’s not practical for me to be without a vehicle in my current, semi-rural location. I have pets and children that often need to be taken places, and a car is the most convenient way to travel around in this area.

The switch to electric is also on hold as there is a lack of local charging stations in my area, and I would need to seek permission to install a charger. However, switching to an electric vehicle is something I feel is important for the future.

I’d also love to buy an e-bike for shorter journeys. With a shed full of bikes already, storage is an issue – but an e-bike could help reduce some car journeys if I find myself doing more in-person work locally. However, most of my coaching and meetings take place online, so this is not a priority at the moment.

Staff and Workers

My business doesn’t employ anyone at the moment. However, I’m committed to paying future employees at least the National Living Wage Employer, and contractors/freelance staff are paid a professional fee. Where possible, I use suppliers from women-led companies and companies that are working towards positive sustainability outcomes.

A full Impact Report for the period December 2021 – November 2022 can be found here.