NetZero Networking

Helping leaders and teams to connect and improve health, wellbeing, and sustainability through bespoke outdoor events and experiences.

Active, outdoor, sustainable events that connect people with people and the planet.

What is NetZero Networking?

NetZero Networking brings people together through outdoor experiences that promote health and wellbeing, build positive relationships, foster learning, and collaboration, and improve business and organisational performance and sustainability.

Our facilitated outdoor events can help you address your business challenges and make the most of opportunities while you take a break from technology, feel refreshed, invigorated, and inspired by time spent being active in nature.

To find out more about how taking your work outdoors can improve the positive impact of your business.


NetZero Networking helps to:


Improve Health and Wellbeing

find creative solutions

Build Professional Networks

consider New Perspectives

Improve Collaboration

Accelerate Learning

Increase Motivation

Encourage Positive Social Interaction

What to Expect

 Our NetZero Networking events are designed to meet our client’s needs and the outcomes they are looking for.

We consider factors such as fitness levels, location, interests of the group, time available, budget, and what you are hoping to achieve from time spent together outdoors.

 NetZero Networking benefits leaders and teams that want:

Memorable, fun, or challenging events and experiences that bring people closer together.

Events that facilitate the development of high-performing, value-adding teams.

Walking or cycling meetings that focus on a particular topic or issue.

Time to build positive social relationships in a relaxed, neutral, natural environment.

Reduce isolation and address challenges arising from home/hybrid working.

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Why NetZero?


Our walking and cycling events are human-powered and we’re committed to having a positive social and environmental impact.

The impact of travel to our events is measured and reported.

We plant a tree for every new NetZero Networking participant and the carbon footprint of participant travel is offset through carbon offsetting initiatives.

And we work in partnership with you to ensure that we’re measuring and evaluating the things that matter to you too.


Open events

We occasionally organise walks and cycle rides for business, public and voluntary sector leaders with an interest in sustainability.

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