1ST December 2021 – 30TH November 2022




Our Mission

To help purpose-led leaders to improve their social and environmental impact, through services that; improve health and wellbeing, support the development of personal and professional skills, and foster partnerships and collaborations that lead to better outcomes for people and the planet.

To strive for gender equality, sustainable communities, the preservation of biodiversity, and action that combats climate change.

Our Vision

A society where all people, businesses and organisations contribute to the creation of a fair, equal, and thriving society that cares for and protects the planet and all life.


Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to ensuring that our services are effective in helping us to meet our mission goals. Therefore, we regularly gather information from our stakeholders about the impact of our services. We use a variety of approaches and have developed regular practices for each of the services we offer.

Coaching Services: We ask all our clients to complete a pre-coaching questionnaire. This provides us with base-line scores for the agreed goals we are working on. Goals or outcomes are discussed at the start of each session and reviewed at the end of the session. We review programme goals on a regular basis (at least bi-monthly) and at the end of each contract.  We further evaluate the impact of our services post-contract. 

NetZero Networking: We ask event attendees to share their desired outcomes for the event at the start of each event and review at the end. Participants have the option to share wider social or environmental challenges, opportunities etc. with other attendees if they would like to. We review each event with participants and with event partners and collaborators. We surveyed participants and asked for feedback on our initiative.

Partnership Projects 

We are committed to collaborating with other businesses and organisations that are working towards shared goals. We hold regular meetings with our partners, to consider how we can better meet the needs of project beneficiaries and improve the impact of our services.



Governance Structures

Rachael Carley is the sole Company Director and owner of Carley Coaching Ltd.

All aspects of the running of the company are overseen by Rachael.The business is a company limited by shares, as defined by the Companies Act 2006.

It is controlled by its Articles of Association which were amended on the 8th November 2021 to add “Company Objects” and a “Stakeholder Interests” sections. The amended articles now state that the Directors will promote the success of the company for the benefit of its members, and so it can have a material positive impact on society and the environment. 

And, that the Directors will have regard for the interest of all stakeholders and will publish an annual impact report stating how it has met the objects of the company. 

The change to the Articles of Association led to Carley Coaching meeting the legal test for B Corp certification and, as a newly formed company, to gain B Corp pending status.


Code of Ethics

Carley Coaching has a Code of Conduct / Ethics Policy specifying our expectations in relation to the important principles and general standards. It also provides standards for financial conduct, relationships, gifts & hospitality, and declaration of interests.


Accounts were prepared by Martha Goeck, of Queen Bee Accountancy and independently reviewed by Cathy Bear FCCA.

Carley Coaching is an early-stage company. During the period of this report, the company received income for its services, grant funding, and loans from company owner, Rachael Carley. 

Funds have been used to cover the running costs of the business, the delivery of a range of pilot projects, marketing and promotional activities, and investment in further training and development. The focus throughout this reporting period has been on developing brand awareness and developing services of value to customers, wider society, and the environment.

Company Transparency

We publicly share information about company ownership and our social and environmental performance.

Impact Reporting

This structure of this report is based on the B Impact Assessment. It is publicly available via our website and describes our social and environmental programmes, performance, and the outcomes we have achieved, together with targets for our future performance.




Ownership and Leadership

Carley Coaching is 100% women-owned and led.

Supplier Diversity 

One of our aims is to strive for gender equality. Therefore, we are committed to doing business and working collaboratively with other women-led and owned companies. 

When possible, we give preference to suppliers of goods and services from underrepresented populations – individuals who may not have had access to economic opportunities due to discrimination, bias, and other societal barriers.

Supplier Ownership Diversity

In the year ending 30th Nov 22, we estimate that 36% of spending was with suppliers from underrepresented populations. 

Our aim is to continue to monitor supplier diversity and increase spending with women and underrepresented groups to over 50% by December 2024.



Geographic Structure & Scope

The majority of our coaching services are delivered online. We have worked with clients based in the UK, USA and Europe. 

Our outdoor events and experiences are delivered in our local area in Kent, UK. However, as part of the “Fit for Purpose Business Challenge”, we also ran an active retreat in Ireland in 2022. 

Non-accredited Investor Ownership

The company is wholly owned by Rachael Carley who qualifies as a non-accredited investor.

Spending on Local Suppliers

We’ve tracked the extent to which we support our local economy.

In 2012-2022, 20% of our spending was with independently-owned, local suppliers. We would like to increase our use of independent local supplier to at least 25% by December 2023.

Impactful Banking 

We currently bank with the Co-operative Bank because it scores highly as an ethical bank with values that align to our own. We know how impactful our financial practices are and want to ensure that this aspect of our business is having a positive impact on society and the environment.



Corporate Citizenship Programme

During this reporting period we provided community and pro-bono services, advocacy for adopting improved social or environmental policies/performance, partnerships with a local charity and discounted coaching to individuals from underserved groups.

Community, Pro-Bono & Low-cost Services

We delivered: –

New Leaf Support Cycling Project – New Leaf Support is a charity that provides practical and emotional support to victims of domestic abuse in the Sittingbourne area of Kent.

The cycling project ran between April and September 2022 and consisted of six cycle skills training and leisure rides for three women from the charity.

The course was designed to help participants to develop the skills and confidence to make cycling journeys for recreation and everyday travel; to improve health, fitness, and wellbeing through time spent being active outdoors; and, to enjoy spending time with others – through having fun and being part of a group in a safe, social environment.

The project was further supported by Kent County Council through the supply of equipment and bikes that had been refurbished by Ashford-based community interest company – Cycle Circle CIC. The cycle rides were delivered through British Cycling’s ‘Breeze’ programme – bike rides for women.

At the end of the project, participants were able to keep their bikes and equipment.

The course participants rated the project 10/10, having achieved their personal aims, and benefitted from improved cycling skills, increased confidence, improved fitness, fun and enjoyment.

Participants also reported that they were infrequent cycle users prior to the course and now cycle often (more than once a week) for leisure, work and everyday travel.

Feedback from participants:

What’s changed for you?

“More confidence, feel happier, found myself.” 


What could have made things better?

“I felt it (the project) was delivered in the best way possible.” 

“Nothing, really enjoyed it. 🙂”


Individual Performance Coaching & NLP – Over 45% of coaching services were delivered pro-bono or at a low cost.

The beneficiaries identified as being purpose-led/mission-driven female entrepreneurs, leaders, or activists belonging to underserved groups. 

The impact of this work has included: –

Increased engagement and reach through public speaking and social media.
Progress towards fundraising goals for social impact projects
Improved health and wellbeing
Personal/professional development
Improved social or environmental impact of business.
Improved sense of connection with self/others/nature

“Rachael’s coaching service has been a game-changer for me! Her insightful guidance, compassionate approach, and deep understanding of business has helped me clarify my vision and take meaningful action towards creating a purpose-driven business. I’m grateful for her support and highly recommend her services to anyone looking to make a positive impact in the world.”

“I am grateful for all the support and wisdom offered by Rachael during our coaching journey together. Her mastery of coaching and NLP techniques are just the visible part of her practice. I believe her magic comes from her compassionate presence and connection to nature which enabled me to challenge myself and bring my whole self (body and mind) in our coaching conversations.”


NetZero Networking – The purpose of NetZero Networking is to connect socially and environmentally minded leaders from the public, private and not-for-profit sectors through sustainable, outdoor networking events in Kent.

The events are free and give people the opportunity to disconnect from technology and spend time being active in nature, whilst encouraging the development of partnerships, collaboration, support and the exchange of information on sustainability and other business matters.

Participants are encouraged to travel sustainably, and most events start from locations with good public transport links. We pledged to measure and report the carbon footprint of participant travel to events and plant trees to offset the impact of this. Events finished at independently-owned cafes for refreshments and informal networking. Venues included Macknade in Ashford and Faversham, HatHats in Reculver, and Gill’s Café at the Goods Shed, Canterbury.

The events were promoted through Eventbrite, LinkedIn, Facebook and through local business networks such as FSB and Business Growth hubs.

Between December 2021 and November 2022, we ran a total of 10 cycling and walking events in East Kent ranging from easy, seafront walks and traffic-free cycle rides to country lane cycle rides of a few miles. A total of 21 people participated in the events – comprising 2 leaders and 19 attendees with some people attending regularly. A further nine people booked onto events or requested to be informed of future events.

In October, we asked participants to complete a short survey to ascertain if the events were meeting their needs and to consider how we might improve the format in 2023.

We received feedback from four people through the survey: –

100% of people felt that NetZero Networking was ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’; was ‘very enjoyable’ or ‘extremely enjoyable’, would come again; and would recommend to a friend.

100% felt that the events had at least met their expectations with 75% of respondents reporting that the events had exceeded their expectations.

In total, we calculated that NetZero Networking generated 144.11kg CO2e.

This was offset through carbon offsetting initiatives purchased from ClimateCare and 25 trees were planted through Ecologi.


Policy Advocacy for Social and Environmental Standards 

During this period, we advocated for improvements to active and sustainable travel infrastructure and have offered to support local and regional councils support, with the achievement of their ambitions to reduce motor vehicle journeys and carbon emissions in the Faversham area. 

Our involvement has ranged from meeting with key partners to consider potential sustainability-focused transport and active travel projects; and advocating for changes in infrastructure to make it easier for people to walk and cycle.


Advancing Social and Environmental Performance

We have helped to advance social and environmental performance and behaviour in a number of ways: –

Our NetZero Networking events provide a forum for people to discuss and learn more about social or environmental topics.

We share information and resources on social media sites such as LinkedIn.

We ran a pilot coaching programme, the “Fit for Purpose Business Challenge”. The programme supported business owners through the facilitation of group conversations, coaching support to raise awareness and encourage goal setting on social and environmental action.

Rachael completed sustainability training and attended events, to improve her knowledge of environmental and global sustainability issues. A deeper level of understanding has led to more powerful coaching questions that create awareness, educate and support change at an individual and organisational level. The training has also fed into better business practices for the company.

Bici at Macknade – Throughout 2022, we worked in partnership with Stefano Cuomo – CEO, Macknade, to initiate the development of a community cycling and sustainable transport hub at the Macknade site in Faversham. We: –

Hosted a council-led e-bike rental scheme

Delivered community cycling engagement events through Cycling UK’s, “Big Bike Revival” initiative,

Designed a cycle treasure hunt for families as part of Faversham Cycle Fest – a multi-day event aiming to promote the benefits of cycling to the local community.

Organised a 3-day e-bike demo event in partnership with UK Electric Bike Centre, with accessories on display from local company, Cycle Chic. 

“I had 5 star treatment. Shown in depth how to look after tyres and repair punctures and all my questions were answered clearly about operating gears on my bike. I had much more confidence and was able to ride my bike a short distance after not having ridden for decades. Thank you!” 



Significant Supplier

Our significant suppliers are primarily related to the administration of the company and the delivery of our online services – accounting, legal fees, technology, software, and office supplies.

Independent Contractor Practices

We employed two, local, independent contractors to help deliver the ‘Big Bike Revival’ project. Canterbury Bike Project and cycle coach and ride leader, Miranda Palmer were contracted for agreed hours for the project and were paid a professional rate for their services. 




Carley Coaching primarily operates online with administration being completed from a home office. 

It is our policy that office supplies are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced whenever possible.

For example, when purchasing stationery, we source recycled paper and refillable pens made from recycled/recyclable materials. 

Purchases are kept to a minimum, waste is minimized, and we recycle all waste that is generated.

We have become more aware of our energy use and are employing strategies to reduce it.

We did not employ staff during this reporting period. However, we are developing a policy to be shared with future employees and contractors to include guidance for home-working including energy-saving strategies, the use of eco-friendly products and practices such as recycling. 


Air & Climate 

We are currently not producing any Scope 1 or 2 emissions. However, we are tracking our household energy use and have implemented energy saving devices such as timers and are adapting our behaviour to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have measured our Scope 3 emissions and calculated that we generated 2.21 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent during this reporting period. Our carbon footprint was offset with the purchase of quality carbon offsetting initiatives from ClimateCare.

We will continue to monitor and record our household energy usage on a quarterly basis. We were previously on a green tariff for electricity, but this was switched to EDF energy when Green Energy Network stopped trading. We are currently on a Carbon Zero nuclear energy tariff. We aim to return to a renewable electricity tariff as soon one becomes available. There are currently no alternative tariffs or energy supplier deals available for us to switch to.


As we primarily work from home, we are tracking our household water use and have taken steps to reduce this through water saving devices and behaviour change. We will continue to monitor and record our usage on a quarterly basis and hope to reduce this.

Land & Life

We produce very little waste and do not produce any hazardous waste.


We generate negligible waste. We are mindful of our responsibility to prevent, reuse, recycle or recover waste. We have not purchased or disposed of any hazardous waste during this reporting period, and we have not produced any waste to landfill/ocean. 



Our Service Impact

The primary aim of Carley Coaching is to provide services that improve the health, wellbeing, and performance of purpose-led leaders and teams, so they can have a greater positive social and environmental impact; and to provide opportunities for leaders to foster partnerships and collaborations that will lead to better outcomes for people and planet.

A further aim of the company is to strive for gender equality, sustainable communities, the preservation of biodiversity, and action that combats climate change.

During this reporting period we worked with a total of 33 organisations and 130 individuals.

“Rachael’s coaching has been one of the most asserted decisions I have made as an entrepreneur as she supported my transition to social entrepreneur and multiplied our organisational impact.”


Managing our Impact

Providing impact and creating value for our clients and customers is important to us. We are committed to delivering impactful, professional services that meet the needs of our customers.

To ensure this, our services are delivered by qualified and experienced professionals. 

As a minimum, coaches are certified with recognised providers that are accredited by professional bodies such as the International Coaching Federation, European Mentoring and Coaching Council or the Association for Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Outdoor experiences are facilitated by qualified leaders, experienced in the activity being undertaken and the client group they are working with.

Customer Satisfaction

Gaining feedback from our clients is an important and integral part of our operations. We welcome feedback and monitor customer satisfaction. We actively seek input from clients on a session-by-session basis, and through debriefs, reviews, follow-up questionnaires and project evaluation forms.

We gather information at the start and end of sessions/courses to ascertain the outcomes that customers want, and we measure success based on progress towards outcomes. Information is gathered through review activities and follow-up questionnaires.

We aim to achieve 100% customer satisfaction with our services. We did not receive any complaints during this reporting period and the feedback we received verbally and through evaluation forms indicate that 100% of our clients were satisfied with our services and felt that our services helped them to progress towards their desired outcomes.

Data Usage and Privacy

Carley Coaching Ltd is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under the Data Protection Act 2018.

Our data protection and privacy policy can be viewed on our website. 

Client information is held securely and privately, and we give customers options about how their data will be used.

Our email management and other software used is GDPR compliant.



Health & Wellness Improvement

Our Services 

Our services are designed to contribute to the overall positive development of individual health, wellbeing and personal development through outdoor experiences, networking events, performance coaching, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Coaching & NLP

The success of coaching is related to the effort that the client invests in their own development and the achievement of their self-determined goals.

Clients are encouraged to be ambitious whilst ensuring that the outcomes they seek are realistic and within their control. Clients are also encouraged to consider the wider impact of their goals and the systems they are a part of – to undertake ecology checks.

Outdoor experiences

The success of networking and outdoor events requires for participants to be open to the experience. People are required to self-assess the suitability of events and programmes in relation to their level of ability and the outcomes they are looking for. 

We provide opportunities for people to discuss their needs through meetings, emails, information on our website and interactions on social media. This helps potential clients gather information about our services so they can determine the suitability of our services for their needs.


During this reporting period, we delivered health and wellbeing services through coaching and outdoor programmes to leaders representing 32 organisations, 3 communities, and a further 51 individuals.

One coaching client reported the impact of our services had helped them to deliver the following support to their beneficiaries: –

The evacuation and relocation of over 152,700 people, including over 700 people with disabilities, 64,000 orphans and over 88,000 civilians from Ukraine
The evacuation and relocation of over 900 pets from Ukraine
Movement of 500+ tonnes of aid 
Raising of over 100,000 USD in donations to assist with social and humanitarian causes
Provision of funds and support for many charities and activists in Ukraine 

“I was an entrepreneur and a person of high impact, and at some point I didn’t understand why little progress was happening with my business. It was through the exploration with Rachael that I realized that I was having great impact through my social work, and it wasn’t until we incorporated this to my business model as a new social enterprise that it became clear that in fact as social enterprise we are SMASHING our goals of supporting people in humanitarian crisis situations.”


Management of Outcomes

We take steps to actively engage with our clients and beneficiaries so we can better understand their needs and desired outcomes.

For example, New Leaf Support were involved in the design of the cycling project to ensure that it met the needs of their beneficiaries.

The “Fit for Purpose Business Challenge” participants took part in the pilot programme to test it. Regular meetings and evaluation enabled feedback to be gathered that will lead to the refinement of future programmes.

We check in with coaching clients on a session-by-session basis, hold regular reviews and measure long-term outcomes to assess the impact of our services over time.


The Fit for Purpose Business Challenge 

This programme was created with the aim of helping business owners to improve their overall health/wellbeing and the social/environmental impact of their business, through participation in a group coaching programme that encouraged the exploration, setting, and achievement of goals around self-determined outcomes in three areas: 

An outdoor adventure/physical challenge 
Business Social & Environmental impact
A third goal – personal or business 

Four, female entrepreneurs beta-tested the programme between January and June 2022 and have continued to meet regularly since that time. This has provided Rachael with ongoing feedback and the opportunity to determine the key factors for success of the programme.

The programme concluded with an active retreat in Kerry, Ireland – which was a fantastic area to take part in some outdoor activities together. Ireland was chosen as the location for the retreat as this was where most people in the group were based, so reducing the impact of travel to the event.

Improvements to overall health and wellbeing 

All participants reported that the programme had benefitted their health and wellbeing, made progress on their outdoor/adventure challenge goal, and each participant found one or more elements of the programme to have been particularly beneficial to these outcomes.

Business Social and Environmental Impacts

All participants reported that they had made progress with the social and environmental impact of their business. Impacts included: –

An increase in online workshop delivery to reduce travel
A shift from printed to electronically-delivered resources for clients
Learning more from other group members
Increased philanthropy and commitments to charitable giving
Increased awareness & intention
Changing product supplies to reduce plastics, packaging & eco-friendly goods 
Measuring of carbon footprint of elements of business/offsetting & tree plantin 

Other Benefits

Accountability on goals
Insights and revelations gained from group coaching and NLP
Being part of a group of like-minded people
Learning from others
Greater understanding and achievement of work/life balance
Focus on outdoor and fitness goals

“The course helped me identify how important it was for me that the people I employ felt valued and appreciated and happy in their job.”

“Rachael held space for us all and was a great guide through the process. Some of the exercises were really helpful for visualizing outcomes and more importantly for me identifying the steps to take to achieve the goal. Great to meet other like-minded people in the group too and was very helpful for accountability.”

“I’ve found a better balance between work life balance and a greater understanding of how they are related.”

“Talking about my social goals definitely has attracted more opportunities and exposure and so ultimately could lead to more visibility and clients.”

“I loved being part of a group of like-minded people as we were able to share our goals, give each other confidence, share information and keep each other accountable during the course, all under the expert, kind leadership of Rachael. Thank you.”

“The programme made me more aware of the environmental impact so I am able to take steps to reduce that. It’s also kept my social impact goal in the forefront of my mind which has enabled me to take action and make that happen.”


Coaching and NLP Programmes

During this period, we delivered 81 hours of coaching and NLP to individuals and groups. Most coaching was delivered to individuals online or over the telephone. Overall goals and outcomes for the coaching were defined at the start of the coaching contracts. However, the topics of conversation were always determined by the client at the start of each session, according to presenting challenges or importance of goals or desired outcomes at that particular moment in time. This approach resulted in the delivery of bespoke coaching and NLP sessions that met the needs of individual clients.

“When we started working although I had a clear mission, my business seemed separated from it. My mental health also led to many struggles that meant at times I felt I wasn’t delivering either. During the time Rachael has been my coach she has helped me sharpen my aim, and kept me going during the times of crisis. She helped me become more resilient and more than adapt to the challenges, to build through them.”

“Through our sessions you helped me with my health and wellbeing, supported me through a career transition, as well as the phases to create a social-climate impact charity project. I learned a lot about myself and others during our coaching journey together.”

“Our coaching sessions helped me improve and maintain my physical and mental health during critical times. I was also able to effectively leave my corporate job and restart my consulting and coaching business.”

“I was navigating a difficult time emotionally and personally as well as the challenges of being a female founder in a tech industry. Rachael was sympathetic and understanding yet still able to move me forward positively to achieve my goals.”

“As a result of the NLP exercises I’ve noticed I’m more aware of how I relate to myself during time or stress of indecision. This self-awareness has enabled me to be more productive and make forward progress with my business development and in interactions with prospective clients. I’ve also realised I need to be more mindful of my wellbeing on a daily and weekly basis in order to keep myself on an even keel.”

“I’m in a vastly more contented place now and have a clear understanding of how I’m going to move forward on my goals in a sustainable way that works for me. I’d recommend Rachael to anyone who’s looking to take their life forward in a positive way.”