About Me…

Hi! I’m Rachael.

Why I Started Carley Coaching…

I’ve been working in development training for most of my life – working with a wide spectrum of people from young children to corporate leaders.

I started out as an outdoor instructor – running personal and professional development courses incorporating team and leadership training, for national and international organisations such as Outward Bound and inner-city youth charity, Fairbridge.

In my early thirties I co-founded an award-winning youth and community development charity which I ran for sixteen years. I’ve run a small number of other businesses and social enterprises too.

The work that I’ve done has been incredibly rewarding. I’ve been privileged to have worked with and supported thousands of people over the years. However, whilst running the charity I founded, I was primarily in a management and administrative role – I missed the outdoors and working directly with people. And in more recent years, I’ve taken time out to support my kids who are neuro-diverse and struggled through their adolescence.

So, Carley Coaching is a business, where I aim to support people using the knowledge, skills and experience I’ve gained over the years, to help them to bring about positive societal and environmental change. Through leadership, team and sustainability coaching, or events and experiences that connect people with each other and with nature – so they can learn with and from each other, collaborate, and find solutions that help solve the complex challenges and issues of our time. 

I’m also really proud to be one of the first 1,000 B-Corps in the UK – I’m currently working towards full certification and love the framework, accountability and sense of community this provides.

I consider myself very lucky – I’m constantly inspired by the people I meet and work with – and I sometimes get to spend my time working outdoors – cycling, walking, kayaking, or just taking a moment to pause, surrounded by nature!

How great is that?!! 😊

Mission | Values | Vision


As a certified B-Corp Pending company, I’m committed to being transparent about the wider value that Carley Coaching provides. Our services are designed to directly support the UN Sustainability Development Goals, by helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to gain the skills and connections that will help them improve their sustainability. We also deliver impact projects of our own!


Feeling a sense of connection to others, myself, and nature are all really important to me.

Group programmes and NetZero Networking enable people to build relationships of trust – sharing experiences, supporting and inspiring each other on their journey towards NetZero and a greater positive impact.


Life and business can be challenging – but our experiences, both good and bad, provide us with the opportunity to learn and grow.
Using my skills as a development trainer, together with professional coaching, NLP, and time being active and outdoors, my aim is to support leaders to bring about lasting positive change to their own lives, their organisations and their people. 


Having fun and celebrating success is important. I encourage my clients to acknowledge the small steps they make, no matter how small. Winning an award or a contract are absolute highlights, but life is short and so enjoying the journey and taking care of ourselves while we’re doing our bit to save the world is highly recommended!


I’ve been hooked on how challenge and adventure can transform people since my early days as an outdoor instructor.
Kent is not a wild or mountainous region – but there are some great places to cycle, walk, explore – ancient woodland, bucolic countryside, the chalk Downs and miles of coastline – all places where you can get a sense of perspective, enjoy nature and feel alive.

Random Facts about Me…


I was born and bred in Yorkshire, but I’ve lived & worked in loads of places.


I’ve been a vegetarian since I was twenty.


I did a self-build in Wales when my kids were young.


I have a degree in Interior Design, and I love music (almost every genre) and the arts – I’m particularly interested in sustainable architecture and design.


I lived and worked in South Africa during the time leading up to the first General Election.


I first went into business in 2000 and have set up and run several companies & social enterprises since that time – and I’ve helped others do the same.


I have two, pretty much grown-up kids (Oliver and Erik), a fluffy, black and white cat (Cassie), and a brindle Boxer dog (Kimi).

The Coaching Academy Diploma – Personal Performance Coach (Distinction)
Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner
Cycle Tour Leader (Cycling UK)
Ride Leader 2 (British Cycling)
National Standard Cycling Instructor
Cycle Coach Level 1


Membership & Associations

International Coaching Federation – Professional Member
Association for Neurolinguistic Programming – Professional Member
Mountain Training Association – Professional Member
IEMA – Practitioner Applicant
Cycling UK – Business & Individual Member
Federation of Small Businesses
Climate Coaching Alliance


I’d love to hear about your business and your plans and goals for the future.
If you’d like to book a complimentary 30-minute call, you can use the time for some coaching, to ask any questions you may have, or to find out more about working with me and the services that I provide.

Rachael has a natural empathy with people and is an excellent non-judgemental listener…

Trudi Field

Charity Administrator

I started out the year with a long list of goals whilst juggling my work. Rachael’s questioning, encouragement and support have helped me to be better equipped to focus on what is important to me and on where I add most value. Thanks Rachael!

Catherine Perreira

Communications Advisor & Coach

In the time Rachael coached me, I steadily gained confidence not only in what I was trying to achieve but also in my capabilities to do it. Rachael was patient, kind, and supportive while also pushing me to take that next step forward. Along the way I’ve learned some insights into my ways of working and the pressures I put myself under and have gained an understanding of how I can work on that in the future. I now have a lot of confidence that I will achieve the end-result I’m looking for.

Susan Rome

Performance Coach